District Meetings! 09/26/2011
Here we go to all the District meetings! We can't wait to see everyone and share all the new information we have about Founder Region and this site being one of the most exciting things that we have done!

It's been a team effort to get it done. We divided up the different sections, worked many a hour at Lori Anzini's kitchen table and came up with a product that all of us can use! As soon as you send Secretary Bobbi your club web sites, we will link them up to this site. Don't have a club web site? No problem. Send us a simple page of your information that you want on a web page and we'll cut and paste you a linked page! We have moved into the 21st Century and hope that you enjoy it.
Montreal Convention 08/03/2011
Just got back from an experience that I want everyone to have- plan on attending an International Convention some time during your Soroptimist life! Make friends with women that have the same values as you, but live to do service in their homeland of Africia or New Zealand. Sit next to someone in the native costume from Switzerland. Listen to all the projects that we are doing around the world. Attend workshops where you will get new ideas to do in your own club.
Post Title. 07/16/2011
A Message From Governor Linda,Just imagine…..how excited your new Region Officers, Committee Chairs and I are for the upcoming biennium! We are on the verge of starting new things, seeking new members, finding women to help fulfill their goals and further this organization that we all believe in.

Our mission statement says we improve the lives of women and girls. Just imagine expanding that statement to "we transform the lives of these women and girls". We must give them a voice and help them raise their standards of living- around our community and around the world. What a powerful statement for any organization to say that the reason we exist is to prepare every women to succeed. No other organization does this. No other organization has accomplished this. And yet our organization has the audacity to say that's why we exist. I’m proud of that and hope you do, too. I feel honored that you chose me to be your Governor. Honored, nervous, and excited that I get to help lead us into our mission of raising the bar for women and girls.

Just imagine... walking down the street in your town and someone asks you- "Aren't you a Soroptimist?" How will they know this? Because everywhere you go, you wear your membership pin. You talk about the projects that you are working on- locally and worldwide. You talk the talk -walk the walk. The mission and vision of this organization defines who you are- you are the "movers and shakers" in your community. It's time to get out there and tell the city council during their open mike session about what you are doing to improve your community. It's time to make sure your employees are invited to your functions. Sell everyone you meet on who you are and what you do!

Your clubs will succeed in what you work together to do. It's time to set your clubs goals, plan and work towards them. My board is here to help you. Call us. Then we can celebrate together our accomplishments.

Just imagine….a party to celebrate women’s advancement and how you helped!

Just imagine...

Governor Linda

First Post! 07/16/2011
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