Founder Region is a unit of Soroptimist International of the Americas (SIA), with territory which encompasses ten north coast counties in California, the State of Hawai'i, and the U.S. territories of Guam & the Marianas.

The clubs of Soroptimist International strive for human rights for all, equality, development and peace through international understanding and friendship. Because of their work, SI holds category 1 consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations International Non-Governmental Organization.

"It is the policy of Soroptimist International to be concerned with international and national issues that relate to its objects and programmes. On matters of political controversy between nations, or party politics and of sectarian religion, Soroptimist International maintains a position of strict neutrality."(From SI Constitution)

Soroptimists play a daily part in their community - thousands, if not millions of volunteer hours per year are devoted to programs ranging from local programs devoted to local needs, such as shelters and scholarships, to world-wide efforts to improve conditions for women and children. You may learn about the international and federation level programs on the Soroptimist Internationaland Soroptimist International of the Americas web sites.  Club directory site offer information on local programs. This web site gives an overview of the programs conducted on the Regional Level.

In addition to other programs, the region's permanent identifying project is Founder Region Fellowship. This effort offers fellowships and grants to women enrolled in graduate schools within the boundaries of Founder Region who are in the last year of their doctoral studies.

The list below is a summary of the contents of the Soroptimist 50th  
Anniversary book as printed by Southwestern Region in 1971, and later updated by 
Founder Region for the the 75th Anniversary of Soroptimist in 1996. Over time, 
each of the entries on the list will lead to a page as we add the history book 
to this site.
1927-1928 Jeannie G. Todd, Alameda Country, Director
1928-1930- Mae Wright Hutchins, San Jose, Director
1930-1932- Blanche O Edgar, Sacremento, Director
1932-1934- Amelia F. Johnson, Los Angeles, Director
1934-1936- Helena M. Gamble, Oakland, Director
1936-1938- Mayme V. Matthay, Los Angeles, Director
1938-1940- Alta D. Hengy, Oroville, Director
1940-1942- Lessie M. Hancock, San Jose, Director
1942-1944- Lois Stanley, Long Beach, Director
1944-1946- Edith B. Kelley, Sacramento, Director
1946-1948- Dr. Ruth S. Thomas (Heitfield), Chico, Director
1948-1950- Emily N. Ziegler, San Diego, Director
1950-1952- Ruth G. White, M.D., Whitter, Director
1952-1954- Josephine Deterding, Sacramento, Governor
1954-1956- Maryn Overhouse, Salinas, Governor
1956-1958- Robina Sleeper, Sacramento, Governor
1958-1960- Grace Patton, Stockton, Governor
1960-1962- Mary Lorentzen-Moser, Lafayette/Orinda, Governor
1962-1964- Evelyn Holland, Woodland, Governor
1964-1966- Mary Gianotti, El Cerrito, Governor
1968-1970- Matie barker, Sparks, Governor
1970-1972- Charlotte Chichester, Delano, Governor
1972-1974- Julia 'Bess' Combs, Antioch, Governor
1976-1978- Violet Unland, Oakland, Governor
1978-1980- Catherine (Jordan) Burns, Eureka, Governor
1980-1982- Marge Conley, Santa Rosa, Governor
1982-1984- Patricia Daniels, Santa Rosa, Governor
1984-1986- Del Nickerson, Concord, Governor
1986-1988- Carol Steele, Fort Bragg, Governor
1988-1990- Susan (Lumpa) Joyce, Richmond, Governor
1990-1992- Lorraine Komor, Santa Rosa, Governor
1992-1994- Dorothy Avilla, Livermore, Governor
1994-1996- Patti Cross, Martinez, Governor
1996-1998- Nancy Walker, Concord, Governor
1998-2000- Linda McDoniels, St Helena Sunrise, Governor
2000-2002- Carol Rose, El Pinablo, Governor
2002-2004- Mary Ann Redden, Antioch, Governor
2004-2006- Cathy Mitchell, Cloverdale, Governor
2006-2008- Sue Finch, Eel River Valley, Governor
2008-2010- Amelia Benko, Livermore, Governor

2010-2012- Linda Sue (Nickerson) Hansen, Governor