Founder Region Legislative Advocacy Committee's continuing objectives based on the Soroptimist organization Strategic Plan will be to promote and educate our members to continue to be aware of all issues having political implications that pertain to women and girls. We continue to campaign for the ratifying of CEDAW - The United Nations Treaty to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women both at the State and Federal level.

This year we plan on devoting much of our time to continue promoting awareness about trafficking of women and girls and helping to promote legislation at the state level to convict those perpetrators responsible.


We would like to give you a brief history pertaining to Legislative Advocacy within the International Soroptimist Organization and especially Founder Region. This information will aid in the education of our new members and refresh the memories of our other members.

The Legislative Advocacy Committee's responsibilities are to keep clubs informed of Legislation relating to Soroptimist International, Federation and Region focuses.

This includes ways to influence the legislative body considering the proposed legislation. We thrive to promote club involvement through

  • Awareness
    • Advocacy
      • and Action
A Policy Statement adopted by the International Board makes it very clear that a Soroptimist may and certainly should engage in legislative advocacy. Our Organization is concerned with all issues affecting the welfare of all humanity, particularly in our adopted areas of the six programs of service.

Constitutionally, Soroptimist is a service organization, not a political group, and therefore does not support particular political parties or religious groups.

However, Soroptimist International encourages all members to be aware of and involved in the issues of society which have political implications. Members should take positions of advocacy (through media, addressing public meetings, contacting officials), and to act through our adopted programs of work to influence the legislation and official policies to which our programs relate.

Legislative Advocacy is standing up for a principle, supporting a cause, and actively upholding the organization's objectives of high ethical standards, international understanding, and support of human rights.