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Are you tired of sending out invitations to prospective members that go unanswered?
Are you tired of trying to explain what and who Soroptimist is?
Are you flexible enough to try something that's fun to find and attract prospective members so that your club will have a future?   Then... Let's go Mall Walking!!

It's as simple as this. Members of your club go to a mall in teams of two and visit each of the businesses/professions asking to speak to the owner or manager...but you need some preparation:

* Prepare and rehearse your members as to how to make a brief introduction. (sample introduction presentation)
* Have a club brochure and/or use the Founder Region or Federation brochure
* Have business cards printed just for Soroptimist use
* Have a date scheduled for a mixer or prospective member event
* Have invitations or flyers to hand out as to the event

* Assign members in teams of two
* Dress for the occasion...not too casual, dress professionally
* Wear your Soroptimist pin and your name badge
* Wear a smile and bolster yourselves with confidence
* Go to the mall!!

* Visit the various businesses/professions in the mall, giving a short verbal presentation about Soroptimist, distribute brochure, business card, invitation to the mixer/gathering
* Explain that prospective members may speak about themselves, present information about their business/profession at the mixer/gathering event
* Ask for the business card of the person you speak with
* Follow up! Call people you've visited, ask if they have any other questions about Soroptimist, encourage them to come to the mixer/gathering

* You can use all of these ideas in canvassing strip malls, industrial complexes, large corporations, and business to business, etc. Be Creative please!!!
* Try doing something similar to this by asking if you can have a table outside of a grocery store or other business. The best time to do this is weekends and evenings when people are on their way home from work. If you do this, you can have a bowl for business cards, display your Soroptimist banner, have a video running about Soroptimist if electricity is available, and be more informal with your presentation.
* Visit your Chamber mixers and try this approach at the mixers to attract members and make a presentation at the microphone if possible about Soroptimist
* Visit other service clubs and ask to tell their membership about Soroptimist. Encourage that we share prospective member information with one another. This way prospective members can join a club that meets during a day or time when they are able to participate. It is a win-win proposition! We are not in competition with other service clubs...we all compliment each other...our goals are the same! And our community benefits as well as our world!

Founder Region, Soroptimist International of the Americas

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