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  • Before entering a business or professional office in teams of two, decide who will be the lead speaker. Take turns, that way members become familiar with making the presentation and share the responsibility as well as develop presentation techniques and confidence from one another. Practice with one another first.

  • When you enter the store or a professional office, ask for an owner, manager, professional to speak with. Ask their name, get their business card. If things aren't tense or charged with business activity, you can gauge how to do your presentation. If there is no tension, relax, comment a bit on the store, that you shop there or know others who do, how nice the store is, the merchandise, etc. If it is extremely busy or tense, you can decide to do it another day or opt for a very quick presentation. Always ask first if you can have a moment of their time!

  • If you are interrupted or the person seems ill at ease, just thank them for their time, apologize if necessary for the interruption or for coming at an inconvenient time. Ask if you can leave business card, brochure and invitation with them and leave. And at!!

Sample time saving presentation:

Extend business card and shake their hand if it feels appropriate:
"Good (morning, afternoon, evening). My name is ___________ and I represent the club of Soroptimist International of ________, part of a worldwide classified service organization of over 97,000 members who are executives and professionals in 120 countries throughout the world, members who concentrate on providing community service to their own communities and through international projects as well." (offer brochure) "I'd like to leave you with some information about our organization if I may and encourage you to call if you have any questions. We would like you to consider membership in our club. We have planned (explain event) for the purpose of introducing potential members to the club and the worldwide organization (hand them invitation) This event will provide a great networking opportunity for you as well as an opportunity to meet other executives and professionals in our community such as yourself. May I have your business card? Thank you so much for your time today."

If during your presentation it seems appropriate, be prepared to give them information about service projects you have provided for your community as well as Founder Region Fellowship and Federation/International projects, but do not overwhelm them with too much information. Be sure to stress that membership in Soroptimist is fun and flexible and that they should want this membership for themselves. Many will say they don't have can reply: "I can certainly appreciate your concern about time constraints, but Soroptimist is flexible and our community service is special enough to us that we make time for it as we are able. And we would be honored if you would consider sharing your time and talent with us as you are able." And if you have time you can tell a bit about your meetings. In addition, ask them if they might be willing to be a speaker for your club, flatter them, and be interested in them.

Follow up with another visit or phone call within a week or so and try to encourage them to attend your event. If they are unable to attend that event, always have something else that's coming up that you can invite them to.

Remember, no matter what the have made a contact for Soroptimist and there is one more person who is informed about what Soroptimist is! They may contribute something to you in the future or attend an event. Feel free to contact them again and again, asking for donations or attendance at events...treat them as if they are old and valued at ease!!

Good luck and much success!!!! the keys to our Soroptimist success!!

Founder Region, Soroptimist International of the Americas

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